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Booking a party is SIMPLE!!!


First, check below on our calandar to confirm that the date you are looking at is available
If it says FREE you are in luck, if it says BOOKED.... well, you get the point!

If you are looking at doing a PRIVATE HIRE, both of the 3:30pm time slots need to be FREE, this is to ensure the exclusive use of the venue.

Please make sure you check availability for the correct type of party you require! Parties are split into 2 categories:

(Adventure) Laser, Sky Trail and Ultimate


(Indoor Fun) Traditional, Be My Bear, Cupcake Decorating


Please fill in the information requested.

Once this information is sent to us, you will receive an email with all the information you need for your party, it will also contain a unique booking number.  You will need to call us on 01953 604526 with this number to pay the deposit to SECURE YOUR BOOKING. 

Please note that reservations are only held for 5 days.  If a deposit is not received within 5 days, your spot will be made available for others to reserve. 

A friendly tip - if a date you really want is booked, it may be worth phoning up to enquire!! It may reflect as BOOKED but we may still be awaiting a deposit.  If the deposit is not paid within 5 days, the spot can then be offered to you before going back to AVAILABLE online - so it always pays to call and double check!

If you have any questions, please get in touch!


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